‘TrakXpertz’ your best solution

Smart and Simple – this is what customers say about TrakXpertz. An intuitive web-interface and mobile apps connect people, vehicles and assets on the map in real-time, and they meet a range of applications – from basic GPS tracking to sophisticated enterprise solutions.


As a motorist, you have undoubtedly heard about vehicle tracking as well as vehicle recovery. While many people tend to lump these two services into the same category, there are both similarities and notable differences between the two. Understanding what the differences are is important to ensure that you receive the solution that is best suited to your needs and your wallet. At TrakXpertz Ltd, we provide BOTH!

Recovery VS Tracking

Vehicle recovery is solely concerned with the retrieval of stolen or hijacked vehicles, through the use of both sophisticated tracking technology and on-the-ground recovery teams.

Vehicle Repo Services

Once you decide that your vehicle needs to be repossessed, you want a licensed professional that is going to act fast! We provide the lowest cost for these services GUARANTEED.

Immobilizer & Anti-jammer

Our anti-jammer and instant immobilizer features PREVENT vehicle theft or assists with quick and easy recovery of our clients vehicles!