Immobilizer & Jamming Detection

Vehicle recovery is GREAT but AVOIDING THEFT is BETTER!

Immobilizer: This ADVANCED anti-theft feature reduces the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen. Once activated thieves are unable to easily hot-wire the vehicle’s ignition system to start the vehicle.

Jamming Detection: Instant Alert once a jamming device or ‘gps blocker’ is detected.

24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery

TrakXpertz provides SWIFT stolen vehicle recovery services via our 24/7 emergency hotlines. Our IN-HOUSE RESPONSE TEAM is dispatched immediately upon call. We currently boast of a GENUINE 100% Stolen Vehicle Recovery rate.

TRUE Real-time tracking

TrakXpertz provides an amazing true LIVE tracking experience. We boast of the FASTEST real-time tracking system in T&T to date. See your moving assets via our easy-to-use mobile app on your Android/ IOS phone or by logging into any computer with an internet connection.


Journey History

Get all your tracking information in details. TrakXpertz maintains a history of every journey up to 12 months: where and how the vehicle moved. You may view the information in multiple ways. All your trips are divided into segments where you can see the speed, time and mileage of your assets.

Time Machine

This feature allows you to playback the history of movement of your vehicles – as though you travel in the past, back to the day and time of the journey. Reproduce the routes and follow the asset moving on the map.


Fleet management

Whether you own an auto rental business, finance vehicles or any other business with several vehicles, our system keeps you in control and alerts you in real-time:

  • Speeding Alerts – Know when vehicle is driving over speed limit set.
  • Ignition Alerts – Know when vehicle is started and switched off.
  • Battery Alerts – Know when battery is disconnected.
  • Geofence Alerts – Know when vehicle is off-route.
  • Points of Interest Alerts – Know when vehicle enters or exits a location set.
  • Immobilizer – Control use of vehicle
  • Reports – Automatically generate several reports daily, weekly or monthly.

Stay aware: notifications

When an important event occurs, who wants to miss it? NOBODY! Get instant alerts on your phone or computer while logged into our system. Know when your vehicle’s ignition is turned on or switched off. Receive speeding alerts as they happen. Set a geofence around your home/ business place to know when your vehicle enters or exit. Set Points of Interest to know when delivery drivers arrive and leave customer locations etc. Choose to receive alerts via push notification and/or E-Mail.

PREMIUM: Live In-Car Voice Monitoring

Listen to voices inside your vehicle. For security reasons, this feature is part of our Premium Plan ONLY.

PREMIUM: Panic Button

Press the panic button and a contact of your choice is alerted via text message. For security reasons, this feature is offered with our Premium Plan ONLY.